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PDF Office is the most powerful tool to create and edit PDF documents on your iPad.


"PDF Office goes further with full editing and creation features." - The Next Web.

Its power rivals the best desktop software tools such as Adobe Acrobat, while carefully designed touch based interface lets you make fast and easy editing.

+ Transform your timesheets, surveys, contracts into interactive PDF forms

Create easily fillable timesheets, surveys, contracts and other forms that you or your employees can complete on their computers, iPhones and iPads. These documents can contain various information fields, dropdowns, checkboxes, signature fields and even calculations and actionable buttons. You can update them regularly and distribute new version to your workforce via email or cloud services like Dropbox, Box and SkyDrive.

+ Take advantage of the best PDF annotation service
Perform any type of markup necessary to complete your work be it document review, form filling or signing a contract with customer. From highlights to stamps to handwriting support, PDF Office has every tool you might need to get the job done. Leave all physical documents in the past and go completely paperless in your life.

+ Use your iPad to scan documents on the go

Paper documents, receipts, checks, agreements, rentals, dashboards - PDF Office does a great job scanning all sorts of papers and digitizing them whenever you are. It just takes a few taps so that you have a great-looking PDF file in seconds. You can even transform your scans into interactive PDF forms with automatic form fields detection.

+ Save documents, spreadsheets, presentations and web pages as PDFs

That's right, PDF Office can create great PDFs from almost any file type, including iWork and MS Office files, photos and web pages. Use to convert email attachments, files from other apps, documents on Dropbox, Google Drive and other sources to PDF. The results are accurate and 100% secure since it is done locally on the iPad. Your documents never leave it and you do not need active online connection.

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What's New in Version 1.0.9

PDF Office subscriptions have been migrated to the new server.
Please, install the latest version of PDF Office to go on with the app successfully.

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Customer Reviews

Exportable Bookmarks!
by Eric Hall

This is one of the very few PDF applications that allows you to create bookmarks (called outlines) that are exported with the PDF file. Most just let you create local bookmarks. This application also lets you draw freehand on a PDF with the iPencil, and these drawings are also exported. I have tried them all, and this one is at the top, both in functionality and price -- but the price seems to be worth it.

A joke
by Élias de Kelliwic’h

I just unlocked the monthly subscription to access all features as I didn't take my Mac at work. The PDF edition is a joke at best. Everything is buggy, some elements will disappear by как в офисе сделать пдф themselves for no reason. Some existing text will get textbox border, some will be corrupted and go to another line despite it was perfect on other PDF viewer.

I have never seen that before. Very disappointed by Readdle and the App Store reviewers to let that go through the review. The feature they are selling are clearly not working.

Meanwhile I discovered PDF Viewer which is free and let you modify pdf and works flawlessly.

by good old days

Came to my surprise it’s a subscription based to unlock and do what Acrobat can do for free

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